How do I redeem my gifted Groupon?

IMPORTANT: This gifted Groupon must be redeemed online, please do not print voucher and present in store.

1) To redeem your Groupon, open up the gift email you received and click ''Open Your Gift'.

2) Click on 'Print Voucher'. You will not actually need to print the voucher, but instead click a link on the next page.

3) Click on the green bar that says 'Click Here to Redeem Online'.

If you already have an Argo Tea app account:

Select "Sign into my account' and enter in your email address and password. Your Groupon credit will automatically be added to your Argo Tea account. Head to the 'Rewards' tab in the app to view credit at the top of the screen, this will automatically apply to your next purchase.

If you do not have an Argo Tea app account: 

Fill out the information and click 'Create Account'. Download the Argo Tea app available for Android or iPhone and sign in. Your credit can be viewed on the 'Rewards' tab and will automatically apply to your next purchase.

If you do not have a smartphone:

Pick up a plastic card with a QR code in any store.  Must have a QR code sticker on the back.

Register your QR code card at, logging in with the account info from from above.  Use the “Use the “Link a gift/plastic card” from the menu on the left.  Make sure you select the option to keep the plastic card active.

Bring your plastic card with QR code into an Argo Tea store and start spending your gifted Groupon!

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